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How does a custom CNC machining service work?

Condor Machinery offers custom CNC Machining Services. What is a custom CNC machining service? A custom CNC machining service is where our expert technicians will walk you through the entire process of developing the parts or machined piece you require. Custom CNC machining services allow you to consult experts throughout the entire CNC machining process. Here’s how it works.


When you bring your custom CNC Machining project to us, the first thing we’ll do is help you develop your concept and the scope of the project. We’ll talk you through every aspect of a custom CNC machining service, from what materials you would like to use, including the benefits and disadvantages of different kinds of materials, what the design process looks like, what the production of your project will look like (including what additional kinds of machining you may need or want), and finally, what your quote is. The development of your custom CNC machining project is a necessary step, as it allows you to fully understand the steps and costs associated with custom CNC machining services, and it gives us at Condor a full understanding of your project needs.


After your custom CNC machining project has been scoped out, then begins the design process. One of the things you will likely need for a proper design for CNC machining is an AutoCAD drawing. 

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AutoCAD is a design program that aids specialists in designing precise drawings. These drawings are necessary for a CNC machine, as CNC machines have the ability to perform incredibly complex machining operations, but they require precise drawings to do so. Our expert team of technicians will bring your custom CNC machining project to life with an AutoCAD drawing that precisely shows exactly what you want developed.


After the design has been approved, we are able to produce your project. Condor Machinery is a full-service machine shop, and our team are experts in CNC machining. Once we have the drawings, we can program the CNC machine to produce your project perfectly. 

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Our CNC machines are top of the line, and can produce your custom CNC machining service once or a thousand times, whatever you require!


If you’re mass producing parts with your custom CNC machining service, you may require pin stamping or zinc phosphate coating to prolong your parts’ life. All this can be done with Condor Machinery! Get your custom CNC machining project completed from design to protective coatings, all at a single Edmonton machine shop!

Condor Machinery is a full service machine shop in Edmonton, Alberta! We facilitate every kind of machining, from design to production. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your next machining project.

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