Forging a Strong Partnership with NAIT

NAIT CNC Machinist Technician
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August 29, 2019 by

Condor Machinery Ltd. has closely partnered with NAIT since 1985. In the past 35 years we have provided an opportunity for students to support and enhance their education with real-world field experiences.

Our current placement is a NAIT student who has completed NAIT’s CNC Machinist Certificate Program. The Work Integrated Learning program offered by NAIT allows students to gain industry experience and utilize the skills they have learned.  Condor Machinery Ltd. is proud to have a strong relationship with NAIT that allows students to enhance both manual and CNC machining skills.

If you’re interested in career as a machinist, start by checking out NAIT’s School of Skilled Trades. The Machinist Program will teach you how to:

  • operate a lathe, drill press, bench grinder and power cut-off saw
  • calculate dimensions and tolerances
  • take and make precise measurements
  • measure and mark metal and other materials

At Condor Machinery we have a reputation for training some of the best machinists. Our goal is to provide NAIT students with the experience they need to one day become excellent Journeyman Machinists and CNC Machinist Technicians.

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