What Is AutoCAD? How It Works & What It’s Used For

What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD stands for computer aided design, but what does that mean, exactly?

It means that the software helps professionals build both 2D and 3D prints of their designs.

AutoCAD is a software program that helps designers build anything that can be drawn by hand — but it does so with cleaner lines and is able to build-in the required geometry and math to make the drafts functional as well as easier to read.

How Does AutoCAD Work?

AutoCAD software is incredibly versatile, and it allows users to choose the type of project so as to get the best results. AutoCAD helps to make designers more productive and more precise, allowing them to design multiple blueprints and designs quite quickly with more accuracy. 

AutoCAD, being a powerful software, also creates manufacturing databases, so you can easily go back to your previous designs and take bits and pieces of drawings and use them in future designs, allowing you to design multiple variants of the same product quickly and meticulously.

Further, if you have a specific part you need, but you need the same part just with an addition, you can design your part on AutoCAD and use that design and simply add on whatever you need.

What Is AutoCAD Used For?

Using AutoCAD also allows engineers and designers to provide designs to clients quickly, and make changes to those same designs quickly as well.

Before drafting software existed, engineers and designers would need to meticulously draw their designs on drafting paper, and if anything needed to be changed or errors were found, they often had to start again from scratch.

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AutoCAD allows designs to be tweaked without losing the bulk of the work.

AutoCAD can be used to efficiently create things like pipes, tools, nuts and bolts, car parts, electrical systems, and much more. 

Which Industries Use AutoCAD?

Architecture & Engineering

Architects and engineers are often the most commonly associated profession with using AutoCAD. Architects use AutoCAD because of the speed and precision it allows them, and especially the database of past designs. Architects can benefit from taking bits and pieces of previous drawings and using them in new ways in future buildings.

Engineers of all kinds of industries use AutoCAD — mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and many other engineering disciplines can all benefit from using AutoCAD.

Other professionals who may use AutoCAD are graphic designers, fashion designers, and different kinds of manufacturers.


Manufacturers also use AutoCAD for anything from custom manufacturing to mass production. Car parts can be designed with AutoCAD just as must as a specialty T.V. mount.

You can create just about anything with AutoCAD. The versatility of the program allows for just about any industry to benefit from its use.


Graphic designers can use AutoCAD with many of their designs. It allows them to draw and design things in 3D, and gives a lot of accuracy and speed.

Fashion designers can also use the software for the 3D designing options. AutoCAD gives the clothing designs more accuracy and realistic shape than simply drawing the clothing out, and the cache of designs lets similar styles be reused for assisted speed.


AutoCAD is a tool that can be used to design 3D printing templates, which has a variety of professional uses, from anthropologists printing fossils to surgeons printing human hearts.

Final Thoughts on AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a powerful design tool, and being trained to use it can open up a world of possibilities in the creation and manufacturing of custom designs. The software allows the user to benefit from past work, creating drawings and designs more efficiently. The accuracy AutoCAD provides removes the element of human error, which increases the trustworthiness of the designs. 

Overall, AutoCAD is a necessary tool for all designers and manufacturers. Using the software properly gives the best product, and it does so with speed and meticulousness. 

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