What Is Reverse Engineering?

laser scan for reverse engineering
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laser scan for reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a process that has been performed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Reverse engineering can help you figure out how something works, and help you know how to recreate something. Although the concept of simple, reverse engineering is not an easy task, and requires a lot of technical knowledge of the industry the object comes from that you are reverse engineering.

What is reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is the act of taking apart an object, or performing a detailed analysis of the object, in order to understand the components, figure out how the object works, and, in the end, recreate it. Reverse engineering has been used in many industries, from reverse engineering a dish in the culinary world to reverse engineering computer code in the IT industry. However, one of the most prevalent industries reverse engineering comes from is the mechanical and machining industry. Reverse engineering a machine or just a machine part involves taking apart a device and analyzing each part to understand how the device works. 

The process of reverse engineering is called as such because you work backwards in the design process. If you want to truly understand how something works, you will often need to take it apart layer by layer, understanding each component as you go. The tricky part of reverse engineering is that you rarely know how the device was actually designed, so you’re using knowledge from the industry the device comes from to figure out how each component works together. 

Why do people reverse engineer things?

The most prevalent reason people reverse engineer things is in order to recreate them. If you’re looking to replace or reproduce a device or tool, but are unable to source an exact replica, you may want to look into reverse engineering. Reverse engineering can also be used to fix devices. If you’ve lost any instructions or manuals about a device, but want to fix a problem, you can reverse engineer the device to try and understand how the device works so as to assess what needs to be repaired. 

Can anyone reverse engineer a device?

In theory, anyone could reverse engineer a device; however, successful recreation of a device requires training and knowledge of the industry the device comes from. If you’re looking to reverse engineer a device, you’re better off leaving it to a professional. Professional machinists or engineers will be able to reverse engineer a device, figure out how it works, create blueprints for the device, and recreate the device!

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