What is Zinc Phosphate Coating?

Condor Machinery specializes in zinc phosphate coatings in Edmonton, Alberta. Learn from our expert team about the phosphate coating process, how zinc phosphate prevents corrosion, and the other advantages of using zinc phosphate coatings.

What is zinc phosphate coating?

Zinc phosphate coating is used to protect steel and iron parts from rust and corrosion. Because it’s porous, it has high-bonding capabilities, allowing for better and stronger paint adhesion. Widely used in the metalworking, automotive, and appliance industries, zinc phosphate coating helps to extend the part’s lifespan and gives the end user peace of mind, knowing their part will last longer.

What is the zinc phosphate coating process?

Zinc is one of the most powerful coatings available due to its ability to hold rust-preventing oils. The zinc phosphating process relies on a chemical reaction that occurs on the metal substrate when the process solution comes in contact with the metal. This process creates a crystallization, resulting in a protective layer of insoluble zinc that prevents rust.

How does zinc phosphate prevent corrosion?

Zinc phosphate coatings prevent corrosion by providing strong adhesion and corrosion protection while improving the friction properties of sliding components.

What are the advantages of zinc phosphate coatings?

There are many benefits to zinc phosphate coatings including:

  • due to the fact that zinc phosphate coatings are porous,  paints and other coverings will bond better, lengthening their life and lessening the need to reapply them
  • threaded parts treated with zinc phosphate coatings have increased anti-galling and rust-inhibiting characteristics
  • zinc phosphate coatings can withstand harsh environmental conditions

What color is zinc phosphate?

The translucent crystals created with a zinc phosphate coating appear black to light grey.

How thick is zinc phosphate coating?

The coating thickness for zinc phosphate ranges between .0002 and .0006 inches.

Zinc phosphate coatings are mandated in many industries including:

  • Heavy mining equipment
  • Pipeline and construction
  • Oilfield drilling, exploration, and production
  • Refineries and petrochemical
  • Slurry and hydro transport

When you have invested in a line of parts for your business, the last thing you want to do is worry about corrosion. Contact Condor Machinery today for peace of mind.

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