7 Tips for Choosing a Machine Shop

Machine shops are an incredibly important part of multiple different industries. Whether you’re in the Oil and Gas industry, construction industry, manufacturing, or something else, having your parts machined correctly can be the difference between a project being successful or not. We’ve put together a list of tips on how to choose a machine shop that’s right for you, and why Condor Machinery is likely the best choice for your business!

1. Client Support and Communication

A machine shop that has lots of communication during projects and ensures great client support is a must have when it comes to choosing a machine shop. You want to work with a business that will ensure you’re satisfied with their products and services and will be your partner through the duration of your project. Condor Machinery prides itself on having fantastic communication and client support protocols, ensuring customer satisfaction with every project!

2. Quality Control

Getting your parts or products machined requires detailed accuracy and high quality materials. You’ll want to ensure that whatever machine shop you choose to work with has a commitment to quality control. The best machine shops have in-depth quality control methods to provide accurate and quality products every single time. Talk to us about our quality control protocols!

3. Machining Equipment and Technology

Although many machining practices are the same today as they were decades ago (think, the lathe), many machining tools have increased technology to improve accuracy and efficiency. When evaluating a machine shop, you’ll want to choose a shop who prioritizes using the best technology available, as well as trains their employees on how to use the technology properly. Condor Machinery is committed to consistent learning in the field of machining, as well as updating and upgrading equipment to always offer our customers the best products available!

4. Testimonials

A machine shop that has a good working relationship with their customers will always be able to secure some positive testimonials. Testimonials from customers are a great way to evaluate a machine shop, as you can often see if the machine shop will be able to handle your project, how the customers liked working with the machine shop, as well as what kind of priority the machine shop places on customer satisfaction. We have a number of testimonials on our website, or you can give us a call to learn more!

5. Size and Capabilities

Although a machine shop’s size isn’t always important, if you have a larger or long term project you’ll want to ensure that the machine shop you partner with will be able to accomplish all necessary tasks on time. When evaluating a machine shop, ask them outright if they can handle your project, an affirmative ‘yes’ can provide you with peace of mind knowing that they’re confident they’ll complete your project easily.

6. Certifications

Ensuring that not only is the machine shop certified but also that the machine operators have their individual certifications is incredibly important. You can ask a machine shop what kind of certifications they require as a way to evaluate the shop as well as see them as a mark of quality the shop adheres to. Condor Machinery provides all our employees with formal technical training to ensure quality is always consistent.

7. History and Past Projects

More so than just a testimonial, how long a machine shop has been in business as well as their past projects are a great way to see if a machine shop is right for your project. If you have a particularly complicated project or you want to know more about a machine shop’s process, you can ask if they have completed something similar to what your project is, as well as ask how they went about accomplishing the task. Condor Machinery has been in business since 1985, with over 35 years of experience in the industry we’ve worked with almost every type of project and every material available!

When it comes to machining projects, you want to ensure you have the right machine shop in your corner. Condor Machinery is the best choice for machine shops in the Edmonton area. Our staff are highly skilled and trained, and everyone at Condor lives and breathes machining! We work with a wide variety of materials and have a selection of tools to get the job done correctly. Our breadth of experience, knowledge, and technology also ensures that we can complete all of your machining projects, no matter how varied they may be. Whether you’re looking for a long term machining partner or someone to complete a specialized project, Condor Machinery is the right choice for a machine shop!

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