Phosphate Coating

The zinc phosphate coating process protects your parts from corrosion and adhesion. Zinc is one of the most powerful coatings available due to its ability to hold rust-preventing oils.

At Condor Machinery, we offer zinc phosphate coating services to our customers as a way to prolong the life of their parts and increase part quality.

When you have invested in a line of parts for your business, the last thing you want to worry about is rusting. The zinc phosphate coating process greatly reduces rust growth, giving you peace of mind.

Zinc phosphate coatings are also porous, making them a great choice for surface preparation for additional coatings or painting. Once your part has been through the zinc phosphate coating process, paints and other coverings will bond better, lengthening their life and lessening the need to reapply them.

Interested in having your components treated with zinc phosphate coating? Contact us today. We’ll make it happen!

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