About Condor Machinery
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At Condor Machinery, we aim to be the best Machinists in the business.

A little bit about the company

Condor Machinery owners Brent and Ken were once employees, working for Condor Machinery when it was under its previous titleholders. Ken began working the machines in 1986, and Brent joined in 1996.

Sharing an obvious knack for the work they did, both moved their way up through the company, learning the ropes and fine-tuning their skills along the way.

In 2007, Brent and Ken teamed up to take over the business and they haven’t looked back since. You could say that these two eat, sleep and breathe machining, and their passion shows! They invest in their employees by providing formal technical training, and they have customers that have been with them for decades.

Brent and Ken never stop looking for fresh and innovative ways to improve the quality of their products and provide customers with the highest-quality CNC machined parts available.





Continuous improvement through experience, knowledge and technological advances.

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