5 CNC Machining Capabilities That Might Surprise You

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It’s a type of manufacturing that relies on written code to control the speed of the spindle, the cutting head, and all other facets of its process. Because it’s autonomous and operates from pre-programmed software, CNC machining capabilities are innovative and come with a range of benefits.

After reading this post, you’ll learn some interesting CNC machining capabilities. And some of them might surprise you!

How Does CNC Machining Work?

CNC machining is used in metal fabrication and uses a subtractive method, meaning material is removed during the process (which is different from additive manufacturing, like 3D printing).

Essentially, CNC machining alters a piece of material, like a metal block. It relies on a Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) file to create a roadmap for the fabrication. It then uses the pre-programmed software as instructions for automating precise and accurate cuts.

Capability 01: CNC Machines are Dynamic

Because CNC machining relies on written code, that code can be updated and revised, making it dynamic. By improving the software that instructs the machine, there’s more potential for enhanced innovation and precision.

In addition, CNC machines make training more efficient and effective. By using virtual software, trainees can practice using the machine much like playing a computer game. This makes both the manufacturing and training process dynamic.

Capability 02: Unmatched Consistency & Accuracy

Because CNC machining relies on programmed designs and autonomous control, each manufactured product will be the same, regardless if it’s fabricated a thousand times. You receive a level of accuracy and consistency that wouldn’t be possible with manual machining.

One of the greatest CNC machining capabilities is the elimination of human error. It delivers flawless accuracy each time a product is manufactured.

Capability 03: Can be Used 24/7

Unlike manual machines, CNC machines can be used 24/7, everyday of the week without tiring. They don’t need breaks, and the quality of the work will not be compromised. They can also be placed on faster settings to meet production deadlines.

By operating at such a high efficiency, CNC machines can drastically shorten turnaround times. Also, because CNC machines offer such high precision, manual assembly lines can move faster, making fittings easier and faster.

Capability 04: It Improves Workplace Safety

One of the more significant CNC machining capabilities is its benefit of reducing workplace injuries and enhancing the safety of your personnel. Because CNC machines are fully autonomous, they do not need an operator.

Some CNC machines can even automatically swap out their tools, even further reducing workplace risk. In most cases, design changes are handled through software updates and not through coming into contact with the machine itself. 

Capability 05: Reduces Costs

By using CNC machining or hiring a CNC machining company to manufacture your product, you can reduce costs. Because they produce more efficient, precise results, you spend less time (and money) on production or fixing manufacturing errors.

In addition, CNC machining is also more sustainable. By using less energy than some of its counterparts in manual machining, it can reduce energy costs. It makes a positive impact on the environment and on your wallet!

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