5 Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About CNC Machining

CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control) has changed the way professional machinists perform tasks. What once took hours of repetitive work and measurements can now be down with a computer! Using professionally created drawings, a CNC machine is able to efficiently develop products that are incredibly detailed and consistent. Here at Condor Machinery, we love working with our CNC machines! Here are a few fun facts everyone should know about CNC Machining.

1. CNC Machining Improves Existing Processes

CNC Machining doesn’t just change the way machining is done where there are completely new ranges of motions or abilities. Rather, a CNC machine improves the existing capabilities of traditional machining tools. Milling, lathing, or other machining processes used to be done by hand, but when they become CNC-capable, the machining process is improved by precision and efficiency. CNC Machines are more precise than manually operated machining because there is, literally, no room for human error. CNC Machining allows for smaller movements than a person is capable of. CNC Machines are also more efficient due to the automation abilities, the machinist can set up the machine to exactly what needs to be done and walk away, letting the CNC Machine do the rest. That means that you get your entire project done without a machinist needing to painstakingly perform every task.

2. CNC Machines Require Intense Training

A machinist who can use a CNC machine has gone through extensive training and is required to be certified on CNC machines. CNC machines are incredibly complex, and using them without the proper training can lead to products being made incorrectly at best and the machine breaking at worst. 

3. CNC Machines are Used in Almost Every Manufacturing Industry

CNC machines are used in a wide variety of industries and are a key tool in most manufacturing industries. Some manufacturing industries use CNC machines almost exclusively, because the parts need to be so precisely made. Industries like medical, computer/ electronics, automotive, and aerospace all use CNC machines primarily for manufacturing. 

4. Not All CNC Machines are Created Equal

Like most machines, there are different levels of quality and ability when it comes to CNC machines. As technology improves, CNC machines are able to do more and more amazing tasks. Precision machining from a CNC machine today is far better than a CNC machine purchased 15 years ago. Industrial CNC machines are also far more advanced that something an individual can buy. That’s why going to a professional machine shop will guarantee you get the best results, as a machinist trained in CNC machining will know how to use the machine properly as well as access to the best quality.

5. 3D Printing is a Type of CNC Machining

You may not have known that 3D printed materials are made with a CNC Machine! Although most machining requires taking a raw product and removing material and shaping it into its finished form, 3D printing takes a blueprint and creates the material. Because CNC simply stands for Computer Numerical Control, any machine that uses a computer to control and form a finished product is a type of CNC machine!

Condor Machinery is Edmonton’s number one machine shop! Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in all forms of machining, especially using CNC machines! If you have any questions about CNC machines or want to get started on your next machining project, please contact us!

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