What Is Industrial Engraving?

Industrial engraving is the act of engraving an identification stamp on a part, either through traditional numbering or pin stamping (also known as dot peen marking). Industrial engraving is an easy and cost-effective way to identify and track your products. If you are mass producing parts, the ability to identify and track different parts is a necessary aspect of the production process. You may ask, why should I choose industrial engraving over other identification techniques? Here are the reasons that industrial engraving is the best choice for any mass produced products.

Benefits of Industrial Engraving


Industrial engraving is long-lasting and durable! Engraving has existed long before laser engraving was invented where people would use tools to carve out an identifying marker. Because engraving cuts into the parts material and etches a design, it is much more durable than a stamp or sticker. Even when rubbed down, industrial engravings can remain legible. 


Industrial engraving is incredibly versatile. You can engrave metal, plastic, wood, and just about any other material. Engraving is also versatile in where and how you engrave an identifier. Laser engraving doesn’t require a flat or smooth surface and as such the industrial engraving can be placed almost anywhere on a part. The laser engraver is also controlled by a computer, so your engraving can be almost as detailed as you like!

Repeatable Production:

One of the most important factors of identifying marks is ensuring that your identifiers are all the same. Industrial engraving services let you engrave consistent, repeatable markings in a quick time-frame. Using computer-controlled industrial engraving tools ensures consistency and efficiency of production.

Why You Should Choose Condor Machinery:

Condor Machinery performs industrial engraving services, but that’s not all we do! With Condor Machinery, you can have your parts professional designed, produced, coated, and tagged all in a single location! Save yourself time and hassle by having every step of your production process completed in a single shop.

Industrial engraving is a great way to improve your parts production process. Whether it’s identifying marks for the part kind, numbering each item in production, or adding a company logo, industrial engraving is a major asset for your parts production. No matter what you need engraved, Condor Machinery’s expert technicians will be happy to help!

Condor Machinery has been proudly offering professional CNC Machining services in Edmonton, Alberta for 30+ years. Looking to have custom CNC Machining work done? Get a quote or give us a call today!

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