What can engraving machines do?

Looking for the right CNC machine shop for your needs? From custom machining to coatings and engravings, Condor Machinery is your local full-service machine shop for Edmonton’s finest. Delivering high-quality products, one service that we offer is machine engraving. From dot peening to industrial engraving, discover how engraving can help you stay on top of mass-produced parts easily. Let’s dive into the basics of laser engraving, its uses, and how it is used in your industry how can we help your business thrive?

What is the difference between laser etching and laser engraving?

Choosing between laser etching and laser engraving depends on what your needs are. Each method is compatible with various materials, with laser etching melting the micro surface to create raised marks. Alternatively, laser engraving uses heat to turn the surface from a solid to a gas to make deep marks. Laser etching offers a more delicate approach to laser markings, with its most common use being for thin or fragile surfaces compared to laser engraving for thicker surfaces.

Laser engraving offers high-quality, permanent markings for logos, branding, and serial numbers. Without the fear of rubbing off the markings, laser engraving is a top choice for many manufacturers. Mass-produced part identification can help you to keep track of each individual part without fear of the identification being worn out over the part’s lifetime. The most commonly used material for laser engraving is stainless steel or aluminum.

Both techniques are commonly used for commercial purposes, including in the automotive and metals industries, and medical equipment manufacturing.

How do engraving machines work?

Industrial laser engraving can be used on metal, plastic, and wood materials, making it versatile. Three factors make up laser engraving: concentration, energy, and direction. The concentration allows you to focus the wavelengths of light close together to increase the beam power for making incisions. The energy gathered will change the material surface from a solid to a gas, also known as sublimation. The direction controls the movement of the beam to create letters, numbers and designs.

Our CNC technicians enter the designs or serial numbers into our computer software, then choose the desired material type and dimensions. Once the settings are finalized with the specific material, the engraver sets to work. Smaller projects can take seconds, but the material type and thickness can take several minutes to complete. The finished product offers a tamper-proof design that will make your products stand out.

How can laser engraving help your business?

When choosing to laser engrave a product, it comes down to cost savings and quality work. Printed labels and inkjet printing run the risk of wear and tear, whereas laser engraving will save you time and money with a one-time marking system. Other benefits that we have found include:

  • High-resolution, detailed markings that contain lots of product information within a small design space
  • The data is encoded for the part’s lifetime
  • Laser-engraved designs do not require a flat or smooth surface, allowing for any surface of a part to showcase your design
  • Low maintenance upkeep is required
  • Laser engravings have a lower power consumption, allowing for more energy efficiency
  • Designs are visible and also discernable by touch due to the deep marking technique

Why choose Condor Machinery

At Condor Machinery, we understand your unique needs for your business and projects. From traditional industrial engraving to pin stamping, our team of talented technicians is here to help. We offer solutions to help you meet your deadlines, including industrial engraving services for designing, producing, coating and tagging all on-site in Edmonton to save you time and money. Make a good first impression with our logo engraving option, or work with our parts team to brand part numbers.
Are you interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today for a quote or to schedule an appointment.

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