What Is AutoCAD? How It Works & What It’s Used For

By May 26, 2020
autocad services

What Is AutoCAD? AutoCAD stands for computer aided design, but what does that mean, exactly? It means that the software helps professionals build both 2D and 3D prints of their designs. AutoCAD is a software program that helps designers build anything that can be drawn by hand — but it does so with cleaner lines… Read more »

What, Exactly, Is Machining? Popular Types, Tools & Techniques

By May 19, 2020
a piece of machining equipment

Our experts explain exactly what machining is, the types of machining most commonly used, important tools and popular techniques used in machine shops. What is Machining? Machining is the production of materials into a desired shape and size. Usually machining refers to metal working; however, it can also be used in referring to the production… Read more »

What is Zinc Phosphate Coating?

By January 1, 2020
nuts coated with zinc phosphate coating

Condor Machinery specializes in zinc phosphate coatings in Edmonton, Alberta. Learn from our expert team about the phosphate coating process, how zinc phosphate prevents corrosion and the other advantages of using zinc phosphate coatings. What is the zinc phosphate coating process? Phosphate coating is a process that improves corrosion resistance and paint adhesion on steel… Read more »

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